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This pic always makes me laugh, this expert level bunny that manifested enough carrots to each for a lifetime or more... Lol.

A friend of mine messaged me when I posted this on FB.  I guess over the past few years, people have come to know me as a master manifestor, so I often get asked for advice.  I'll share more in future posts I'm sure, but here's a few quick tips that I gave my friend that day.  And I'll just go ahead and post the straight up convo here:

Friend: don't know why my intuition feels like its screaming at me to contact you

and your amazing post about manifestation expert

need help sister, a guide a way to help manifest making money, i haven't been working since last year august, my dad had a stroke, been doing also a lot of spiritual healing

then i've been looking up ways to make money online, from working from my laptop

Me: Act as if

is magic

Feel the feelings as much as possible as if you had all you want now, as if living it now

No fear, no worry, no doubt. Full faith.

Check out Neville Goddard , I love his stuff

oh also, can search Abraham Hicks on Youtube, "Abraham Hicks money" or whatever search term after their name.. alwayszzzzzz helps me!


If you'd like any further info on these tips, comment below, I'm happy to share what I have learned and the resources I have used to become the manifestor I want to be!


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Tarot Today. Wisdom.