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Every morning first thing I do upon waking is mindfulness meditation.  Many times, it ends in mindset shifting too if I find that I need to remove some funk out of my mind and energy.  And leads me to where I can offer myself my best advice in my journal.  

I start with writing down at least 5 gratitudes, "Today I am grateful for:" ... After that, I write whatever I need to tell myself that day, like reminders to keep me uplifted or reminders when feeling down or confused about just life in general.

As I flip through the past months entries as I write this post, I see a common reminder to myself is "TRUST".

Everything is working out perfectly.  Trust.
Everything is working out in my favor.  Trust.
Everything turns out better than I could ever possibly imagine.  Trust.
The best is yet to come.  Trust.
Patience & right timing.  Trust.

Presence.  Breath.  Act as if.  Trust.  Faith.

Patience.  Trust.  Faith.  Knowing. 

Have fun.  Enjoy the process.  Trust.  Connect to your Source.

Trust.  Give & let go.  Trust.

Smile :)

<3 I Walk By Faith <3

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